Leah Hall lmt


The aspen spa

For years, I have had the dream of opening up my own Spa. Designs and plans have always been roaming around in my head, but the timing and opportunity wasn't right-until now...and I couldn't be more excited!  

My road to get here started in 1996 at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Colorado. Since then, I have worked providing rehab treatment in Chiropractic Centers, Massage Therapy and Bodywork treatments in Spas, Corporate Chair Massage, Sports Massage in Fitness Centers, as well as running an ongoing practice in various locations in Colorado(1996-2010) and Utah(2012-present day). 

I have specialized training in Reflexology, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Japanese Shiatsu, Cupping Therapy, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis elbow, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Chronic low back pain and Headache pain.

To be the owner of a Spa where I can combine my love for helping people through massage therapy and holistic treatments in a comforting and healing atmosphere is truly a dream come true! 

I welcome you to be part of this dream and experience the benefits of all that The Aspen Spa has to offer.      


Leah M. HALL lmt