Aromatic Stress Relief Massage

Choose from the four Aromatic Alchemy Blends or exotic herbs and essences: Warm and spicy Cardamom, hypnotic Neroli, Clarifying Balsam Fir and energizing Holy Basil to reboot the mind.

Duration: 90 minutes

spa face treament.jpg

Aspen Signature Massage


A customized treatment to help balance and heal your body by combining the best Massage techniques with rejuvenating botanicals.

Duration: 60 minutes


Rest & Renew Prenatal Massage

A restorative treatment that helps to improve sleep, reduce stress and soothe muscle fatigue. A Mini Herbal Facial Massage to address skin issues and a herbal Balm for stretch marks is applied.  Mom-to-be can relax face down on a special pregnancy bolster for maximum comfort.

Duration: 75 minutes


Face Cupping for Rejuvenation

A gentle face cupping technique applied with hydrating Carrot Seed Oil will plump collagen, increase circulation and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

A three step application of Herbal based solutions-cleansing, exfoliating and nutrient rich moisturization follow. Your face will feel revitalized and soothed! This service is a great addition to any session

Duration: 45 minutes


Wild Lime Botanical Scalp Treatment

A  Relaxing head Massage & Acupressure using warm Wild Lime Botanical Oil will stimulate and condition the scalp to promote renewed energy and re-boot tired minds. Hands will be exfoliated and moisturized with a citrus scrub of Aloe & Shea butter.  A gentle upper body Massage of the face, neck, shoulders & arms will compliment the end of your session.

Duration: 45 Minutes


Detoxing Cupping Treament

A stimulating oil of Ginger will be used to help breakup congestion as a gentle suction of silicone cups help to release illness-causing stagnation, decrease pain and inflammation, increase circulation and speed healing.  Cupping is beneficial especially for athletes needing faster recovery and those suffering from chronic aches and pains-which incudes all of us at one time or another.

Duration: 90 minutes


Sweet Birch & Arnica Deep Tissue Massage

This intensive Massage focuses on relaxing sore muscles, tendons and stiff joints with myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Russian Massage Techniques and the best of nature's pharmacy: Sweet Birch, Arnica and Magnesium.

Duration: 120 minutes 


Soothing Hot Stone Massage


Smooth, Hot Basalt Stones used to Massage your body will help relieve tension, pain and reduce your stress and anxiety. 

The deep penetrating heat of the stones along with an oil of Alpine Arnica and Bay Laurel will bring relaxation and relief.

Duration: 90 minutes

foot massage.jpg

Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Treatment

Starting with a vigorous exfoliation of Volcanic Pumice and mineral rich Black-Silt Clay, your calves and feet are then cocooned in hot towels. Following this, a Massage with energizing Peppermint and stimulating Horse Chestnut will make your legs and feet feel invigorated and soothed.

Duration: 30 minutes


Energizing Blue Eucalyptus Massage 

Our modern day lifestyle can cause lethargy, sleep disturbances and chronic aches and pains-symptoms of Adrenal fatigue. This treatment begins with a Blue Eucalyptus inhalation to enhance immunity and is followed by Acupressure stimulation and a vigorous deep tissue Massage using Ginger Root Body Oil to rebalance the Adrenal system.  

Duration: 90 minutes 

mud wrap.jpg

   Moisturizing & Mineral Rich   Body Wrap

This nutrient rich body wrap uses a Seaweed solution of potent herbal extracts and essential oils to help hydrate and restore skin tone and vitality. First, a brisk dry brushing to exfoliate, then the warm Seaweed solution is applied. You'll receive a gentle neck, face & scalp massage while cocooned in the wrap.  Moisturizing Sicilian Bergamot lotion and Lavender oil is lightly applied to the body at the end of this indulgent session.

Duration: 90 minutes


Add-on Treatments

Choose from four options to enhance your overall Massage treatments:


CBD, Ginger & Kava oils

with Soothing Hot

or Cold Stones 

Foot Reflexology

Mini-Herbal Facial Massage


Duration: 15 min