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Our well trained, friendly staff use high quality Nail Lacquers & Herbal Skin Care products with massage focused protocols and integrated aromatics to help you relax, rejuvenate and restore.  With a complimentary warm neck wrap and tea or beverage of choice for each session, this is Nail Care-Elevated!

* If you are wearing gel nail polish, please contact the Spa ahead of your scheduled appointment to arrange additional removal time $15 

*Spa Etiquette-Please no Toddlers or Babies at appointments



Deluxe Herbal Manicure w' Soothing Hot Stones

A gentle, creamy exfoliating scrub of Shea Butter and Lemon Verbena is applied from your hands to your elbows to smooth and hydrate the skin.  Next, your nails are trimmed, filed and buffed. Then, an aromatic and mineral rich seaweed mask is applied to repair & nourish while hands are cocooned in paraffin wax. Enjoy a soothing forearm massage with Lavender Oil & warm basalt stones. Afterwards, you will receive a relaxing massage with our Lemon Verbena & Omega-3 Hand Cream to target tension and calm even the severest of dry skin. End with a polish of your choice.  

Duration: 70 min $80

*Gel Removal  15 min-$15


Aspen Signature Manicure

Designed to delight the senses, this deeply hydrating manicure begins with a gentle cleanse of Aloe Vera and Lavender & Honey Balancing Mist, followed by an exfoliating Citron Sea Salt Scrub to overworked hands. A nourishing Manuka Honey Mask and warm Paraffin Wax is applied for deep repair. 

While your hands are cocooned, a soothing arm massage using a Lemon Verbena Cream infused with Omega 3  to revitalize and protect the skin. Top this service off with a beautiful paint. Your hands will feel as good as they look!

Duration: 50  min $55

*Gel Removal 15 min-$15

*Soothing Hot Stones-$15


Mini-Manicure Renewal

Your Manicure starts with quick trim & file, fluff & buff with a gentle herbal exfoliation.  After a relaxing hand and forearm massage, your lacquer of choice is applied. Our Lacquer dry time is only 5 minutes! Making this the perfect renewal for your hands-even during your lunch break!

Duration: 25 min $35

*Gel Removal: 15 min-$15

* Scented Parafin Wax - $15

*Soothing Hot Stone-$15



Deluxe Herbal Pedicure w' Soothing Hot Stones

A feeling of calm surrounds you as a warm wrap is placed around your neck. Your feet soak in an herbal bath of Sweet Birch & Magnesium to help soothe sore, achey muscles and joints. We trim your toenails and remove those unwanted cuticles, dead skin and calluses. Next, comes an herbal exfoliation of lemon verbena & shea butter from feet to knees followed by our scent-of-the-season hot paraffin wax to help your skin be soft, supple and smell great! We massage your tired legs with hot stones using Lavender oil while you wait. After the wax removal, we apply an aromatic foot mask w' essential oils and cover them in warm booties. Your legs are massaged again using a moisturizing and cooling Cream of Shea butter, Mentol & Peppermint. Your pedicure wraps up by removing the mask with warm towels followed by a beautiful polish of your choice.

Duration: 90 minutes


*Gel Removal: 15 min-$15


Aspen Signature Pedicure

You’ll start with a soothing Foot soak in a jetted bath of Sweet birch & Magnesium to help ease muscle tension and achey joints. 

Next, the removal of dead skin & callouses with nail trim, file & buff.  Then, an invigorating foot exfoliation w’ a Rosemary & Citron Sea salt scrub, followed by a scent-of-the-season hot paraffin wax w’ warm booties. You will love the lengthy deep massage from ankles to knees with warm sweet almond oil. Your feet will receive the same deep massage after the paraffin removal with a moisturizing bergamot lotion.  Finish off this relaxing session with a polish of your choice.

Duration: 60 min 


*Gel Removal: 15 min-$15 

*Soothing Hot Stones-$15



Rejuvenating Eucalyptus Pedicure

 A warm foot soak in Organic Eucalyptus oil provides an Inhalation to help open the lungs and refresh the senses.

Your nails will be trimmed, filed  & buffed with dead skin and callouses removed. A gentle exfoliation of volcanic pumice and espresso mud will invigorate while softening skin. Hot, steamy towels will remove product followed by a deep and delicious massage using Mighty Mint Rescue Cream to relax and melt away tension. A beautiful polish of your choice will end this unique sensory experience.

Duration: 45 minutes  


*Gel Removal 15min-$15

*Scented Paraffin Wax-$15

*Soothing Hot Stones-$15


Mini-Pedi Renewal

If you are needing a quick trim & file, fluff & buff-this is the right service for you. Includes a invigorating foot exfoliation of volcanic pumice & espresso mud followed up with a foot massage using our Sicilian Bergamot lotion and a lacquer application of your choice

Duration: 25 min 


*Gel Removal: 15 min-$15

*Scented Paraffin Wax-$15

*Soothing Hot Stones-$15


Gentlemen’s Pedicure

This is the perfect treatment for hard working feet that need a little

R & R.  Soothe your tired feet in a jetted bath with Sweet Birch & Magnesium Bath Flakes. We clip, file and buff toenails and remove any unwanted skin and callouses. An exfoliating and moisturizing sea salt scrub will leave your feet and legs feeling soft and clean. A moisturizing and mineral rich Seaweed mask with tea tree and lemon oils is placed on your feet and covered in our warm booties. While your feet are cozy, we’ll use hot basalt stones with Arnica oil to melt away tension and pain from ankles to knees.  Warm towels are used to remove the mask followed by a lengthy deep massage using a moisturizing Sicilian Bergamot lotion from knees to toes.

Duration: 50 minutes



*Scented Paraffin Wax-$15


Deluxe Foot Zone Treatment   & Detox Foot Bath

Foot Zoning Therapy uses specific massage techniques to affect signals in the feet. These signals stimulate the brain to create change in the corresponding area-muscle, bone, joint, organ or systems to help correct imbalances. After your foot zone, sit back and relax while your body detoxes in an Ionic Detox Foot Bath. Relax while the ionic current pulls toxins out of your body and changes the color of the water.  An exfoliating herbal scrub and a moisturizing Sicilian Bergamot lotion are massaged into feet and legs to complete this invigorating and balancing body treatment. 

Foot Zone w' Mini Spa Treatment 

Duration: 75 minutes-$75 

Foot Zone w' Detox Foot Bath & Mini Spa Treatment  (115 min-$115) 

Detox Foot Bath w' Mini Spa Treatment. Duration 45 min- $45


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